How to Reduce and Relieve stress

Updated: May 22, 2020

Firstly, always remember, you are not alone! Everyone (let alone a parent) is affected by various degrees of stress and may struggle to cope at different times in life.

Today there is endless information available on stress management and stress relief. However, often these suggestions can fall short in the translation from theory to practice and so, are easier said than done! Perhaps this is why one should not first aim to eradicate stress, since the factors that cause stress in most people's lives cannot simply be removed from their existence. This is especially true for parents.

A considerate parent will not just walk away from their work or home-life related pressures. So what can a daddy warrior do in order to relieve their self of stress and reduce the impact it has on his life (and ultimately that of his family)?

According to most credible sources, this is the list of key measures one can take:

  • Solving the causes of stress

  • Avoiding stressful situations

  • Changing your mindset (positivity vs. negativity)

  • Meditation / prayer

  • Exercise

  • Eating, drinking and sleeping well

  • Hobbies / pastimes

  • Counselling

Solving the causes of stress

So let us begin with solving the causes of your stress. Well, this may not truly be possible for most (if not all) of your factors of stress.

If the problem is in the relationship, whether regarding intimacy or communication then what one can try do is improve their circumstances as discussed in the article improving communication with your partner.

If the cause is mainly financial in nature then one can try and find ways to increase their income, whether by seeking new employment, a change in career, applying more effective methods of economizing, by downsizing (reducing lifestyle overheads) or creating additional revenue streams.

However, resolving these may not truly be an option. Perhaps it is not possible to reconnect with your partner due to incompatibility. Financially speaking, perhaps you are receiving the maximum sallary that your education / skill-set allows or perhaps you have a disability and in eitehr case, are already economizing in ways that means your family is living on the very basic essentials. It is for these reasons that I'd like to focus on the other ways listed as means to reducing and relieving stress. In other words, to focus on aspects that improve our well-being!

Avoiding stressful situations