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Welcome to Daddy Warriors, a wellness and all-in-one site for fathers.


Here we offer information covering various topics for dads, from personal wellness to marriage and parenting. In addition, we aim to help the modern dad save time sifting through the endless world of the internet. Instead you can find recommended lullabies and child entertainment to news and motivational videos.

Most importantly we aim to grow as a community of fathers. One with online support to share experiences and strengthen in a world of high expectations towards men. 

If you're a daddy WARRIOR (dW) - married, divorced or single parent, happy or unhappy; have just become a dad or have some years under your belt - join us... you're not alone!

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My Story

So I'm Constantine. Among other things, I'm a writer under the alias C Enyo. Mind you, it's been a few years. I enjoy people, psychology, culture, arts and love to cook. First and foremost though, I'm a father to two beautiful children (one boy and one girl) and enjoy that the most.

I began thinking about dW as a concept after my second child, my son. At that point it was still a clutter of thoughts as I experienced the early magical days of fatherhood and the challenging balance of work and marriage. Various events and difficulties took place and life took over as it does.


In the infancy of the pandemic, a couple of months before the first lock down, I started writing my first notes and drafts. They were essentially thoughts regarding my experiences and learnings from articles I would study as I sought a better understanding for myself, of life as a father and husband at the time. Covid 19 caged life and with other events unfolding after, I left dW on the back burner although I never truly abandoned the concept. 

The rest is history as they say and finally, here we now are... I hope many of you daddy warriors out there join me for the ride, wherever it may lead!

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