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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

So your baby is sick. The doctor prescribed antibiotics. Your child, however, don’t want it…

You are the parent. It’s in your hands. Don’t freak. Don’t despair. It’s easier than you think…

So let's put that 2.5 or 5 ml in that baby sized syringe. And let’s begin. Now step one, do not try to shove it in. Stop panicking and forcing matters. Just do the following:

1. Take your baby in your arm and rock a little to some music.

2. Have the syringe ready but do not rush anything.

3. Hug the child and start kissing their cheek and neck.

4. Make them giggle whilst carefully restraining the arms in a cuddle.

5. Now make the child laugh and feel safe and comfortable.

6. Then, whilst retraining the arms, with one hand, place the other upon the mouth.

7. Now with one swift move enter the small syringe and squirt it in the corner of the mouth. It can be one swift move but the younger they are, it is best to do this in three goes (three squirts) so they do not choke and vomit it out.

8. Perhaps, now offer a treat and certainly, some sips of water! Preferably the water first to help the medicine go down and the treat after to reward the child.

Now the child forgets the experience within minutes and you know they’ve had their much needed medicine.

When they are a little older (toddlers) and using the spoon or minuture medicine cups, perhaps add just a dab of ice cream (if summer) or a little juice, to weeten it, so that they are not grosed out and begin to rebelling further when it comes to taking medicine.

All good!

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