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Your First Baby? (Don't Panic)

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

So you're having a baby?

Plenty of Valium and drugs to get you through! STOP! Relax... It is easier than you think and a true blessing!

Ignore the modern lists of supposed needs. You need this and only this:

  1. Prepare and maintain the room with an acceptable level of hygiene. You may have a separate room but preferably, until 4 months old, a next-to-me bed – meaning your baby is actually next to you at all times. This relieves stress of monitors and getting up in the night when he or she is there and cries since they are beside you, a handful away!

  2. Pack the birthing bag! Just have baby gloves, baby hoody, a blanket, a dummy (pacifier) and a change for you and your wife (and the baby of course, such as diapers, wetties and bum bum cream). Beyond that you are fine. Perhaps also baby bottles in case your wife is unable to provide milk but trust me when I say medical reps will give you more free samples than you need – like a dog with a bone – they’ll be after you the first three days.

  3. Your wife may panic – it is after all her body and it is scary – but you need to hold your ground and be a patient pillar of support.

  4. Do not take to heart things that may be said; just walk on and understand the experience is from different perspectives (not making yours less important).

  5. Ensure you monitor the nurses and rotations. Not everyone is caring and kind/nice.

  6. Relax – you are a dad – hurray! Best thing that will ever happen to you if it is part of your instinctive being. Parents who don’t have it in them are often due to troubled upbringing (nurture)!

  7. It is okay to be afraid but enjoy the ride… It is great!!!

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